About Sushitsune

About Sushitsune

Sushitsune is a time-honored sushi bar celebrating its 70th anniversary.
Sushi, a traditional Japanese food prepared with vinegared rice and fish, is representative of Japanese cuisine.
We have made various efforts to always serve food with fresh ingredients.


As for the selection of rice, we have tried different types of rice to find the one that would go best with vinegar before choosing the rice we use now from among many kinds.
Now that the rice has been selected, we measure the amount of water and time to cook the rice in the best way possible before combining it with our own blend of vinegar.

We prepare fresh seafood

Freshness is vital to fish used as toppings or fillings.
Sushitsune has fishing rights, which is rare for a sushi bar, and we have a number of fish preserves at Shizuoka Prefecture's Ajiro fishing port. Normally sea bream and several other kinds of fish swim in our fish preserves, although the fish may differ depending on the season.
The fish are transported alive daily to the fish tank at Sushitsune.
This allows us to serve fish at its freshest to our customers. Our service of slicing and serving fish alive in front of our customers is especially popular as a unique event of Sushitsune.

The technique of a superior craftsperson

As you can see, we are very particular about our selection of ingredients for sushi, but sushi cannot be prepared with ingredients alone.
The preparation of sushi requires the chef's knowledge of how to shape vinegared rice and slice fish, how hard to press the rice, hospitality, and the skills and experiences unique to a professional sushi chef.

Sushitsune management philosophy

At Sushitsune, you will find everything presented above.
We look forward to your visit.